“Christopher Spitzmiller offers us not only superb artistry of his own imagination but is challenged by special requirements and is off and running with a winners zeal!”
Albert Hadley

“Christopher Spitzmiller's custom lamps are a must.”
Alessandra Branca

“Since Christopher started making his lamps in 1996, their proportions and his color palette have made them an "instant" classic. I use them in many of my projects.”
Michael Smith

“There is no room in the world that would not benefit from a lamp from Christopher Spitzmiller. His collection has the most varied shapes, all elegant and refined. His washed glazes are the most beautiful transparent colors; there is a color for every room. This lamp collection shows the work of a master potter.”
Bunny Williams

“I adore Chris's lamps because they manage to be contemporary and classic at the same time. If you love color like I do, look no further.”
Miles Redd